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Ask Mikey Head Shot

Ask Mikey

April 01, 2011
By Mike Newsom

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Community Comments

dvr700  (09/04/11 04:46 PM)

2002 Polaris sportsman. is working like a straight shift. wont stop  pulling when i stop. It will kill the engine while still trying to pull. The clutch will move in an out freely..Please advise....Starting to go BALD !

JORGE_ESL  (05/05/13 02:45 PM)

I bought a ATA 250D YAO TAO ATV I know its far from a quality ATV but the only one in my price range I would like to know what I could do to get the best performance and not get stuck consistantly in the mud without breaking my wallet any info you can give me will be greatly appriciated thank you

cah401221  (09/02/13 09:51 AM)

I have an Article Cat 400 4×4 automatic 2007 model.  I am having technical difficulties now. It starts and dies after warning up and won't stay running. Change spark plug, cleaned carburetor and same problem. Someone told me to change ignition coil. Don't want to waste money on changing unnecessary items .... Do you know what could be the problem or heard about this behavior?

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