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Ask Mikey Mikey Newsom

Ask Mikey Tech Questions

February 01, 2011
By Mike Newsom

Community Comments

turbo69  (06/04/11 08:18 PM)

overheating yamaha 700 rhino 2008,new themosate,water pump,new head dealer said was fixed but after riding less than 5 miles today the light came on and steam came up by the emergancy brake handle please help thanks turbo69

hhester706  (01/30/12 06:48 PM)

I have a 01 yamaha blaster that the top end has just been rebuilt and when i started it, it was smoking more then its supposed to. i let is sit for a little while and when i started it back up it was still doing it but it has good compression. Do you think it could be a seal or gasket in the bottom end blowen.

jasmule  (02/28/12 09:27 PM)

Have a '99 Honda 450ES. Changed the  angle sensor but the display still flashes from 1st gear to a dotted line. Can shift the quad fine manually but the buttons for the electric shift are dead. Battery is brand new and fully charged. Can you give me any advise on where to look next?

stafford758  (11/20/12 04:23 PM)

I have a 2002 yamaha blaster 2 stroke 200cc. I changed the piston rings and did every thing properly and took it out riding, rode lightly for an hour. Parked it for 10 mins let it cool down then rode for about 25 mins slow then it bogged down and died couldn't get it started so we pulled it with another fourwheeler got it running and it ran fine untill I slowed down and it died again. Started right up but wouldn't take off with out stalling with out reving it up all the way. It also burned a lot of oil well more than usual any. Idea what it would be?

Br98trxfw300  (10/15/13 06:03 PM)

Hi I have a 98 Honda fourtrax 300. I put the atv oil filter in backwards. I know it sounds stupid but everything popped out when I took off the oil filter and there was no signs on the oil filter to tell you which way to put it in and I don't  have a manual. It drove with the atv oil filter in backwards for about 5 minutes until the engine shut off on me. I flipped it around and the engine started to make a ticking noise. This happened about a year ago and I still have been driving it with that noise happening. What do you think the problem is?

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