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Out Of Hibernation Front Left View Water

Out Of Hibernation

Giving An Old Friend New Life On A Budget
October 01, 2011
By Rick Sosebee

Community Comments

cbckidatheart  (10/17/11 03:46 PM)

I couldn't agree more, with this article. It's all to easy to jump on the band wagon of getting a new machine each time one comes out. However with money tight adding a few upgrades to make the quad have a bit of an edge up is awesome. One of the things I have done was replace my old handle bars. This is obviously not increasing performance but the ride is better and the new feel makes me feel like I am on a new machine.

ATVR-Eli  (10/18/11 12:05 PM)

Thanks for the positive feedback on this piece. We realize that not everyone can go out and drop over 10k on a brand new machine so we want to show the simple things that can be done to improve your existing ride. While the grand total of everything done was over $3000, if done over a longer period of time, its much easier on the pocket book.

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